Our Passion

Our Passion

Equal Education Chances concepts  are based on these 5  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  which are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

Quality Education/learning opportunity

EEC individual programme that enables a child or young person to strive at their own pace. with consideration to their wishes, desires and feelings.

EEC supports families to actualise EHCP goals of their children  set out by the local authority, we put emphasis on

  1. Preparation for adulthood starting from the early years
  2. Learning and future employment
  3. Home and independence
  4. Friends, relationships and community
  5. Health and wellbeing

EEC  hopes to conquer low educational attainment in order to transform lives.
We ensure children with disabilities or labelled as special needs are given the opportunities to promote, sustain and enhance their skills and expertise (including formal education, vocational and long-life learning).

We believe that sporting activities are a huge part in human development and fitness, it fosters independence, coping abilities and working with other team members. as a result, we plan, advice and provide sporting equipment that is accessible and fun.

Becoming a sponsor will enable them to thrive as you will be making a great difference in their lives. 


What is educational disadvantage?

Pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds aren’t less able, but they have less access to the tools that support them to progress in school.  This means they are not able to reach their full academic potential.

EEC  create awareness on how to provide a tolerant and inclusive learning environment through adapted equipment/tools, educational resources, training and workshops.  This will enhance the development of individual capacities, competences and skills. EEC will have a direct impact on children/young people by delivering services and necessities in their educational establishment, homes, religious setting and vocational places.

EEC partners with special schools in Lagos Nigeria to deliver an inclusive and conducive learning environment.


Education is not a way to escape poverty, it is a way of fighting it.



Equal Education Chances partners with health professionals (speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and behaviour/education psychologists)  to ensure that advice, services and activities will have a beneficial effect on their health and well-being.

We assess the individual to facilitate treatment/aids, items, sessions, universal design facilities, information and advice.

The safety and well being of a child is top paramount. for this reason, we focus on the child by ensuring that they get the basic necessity in life; that is,  understood, heard and given a choice. as well as nutrient-rich food, health care, bed, beddings, clothing,  clean water, accessible bathroom, competent and confident staff.




we are passionate about our community and we partner with other organisation to make  a huge difference in people’s life.

COVID-19 has enable us to expand the services we offer; we now offer  cultural and basic Food parcel to families in the community; this has been funded by funding organisation.

Black History Month at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS foundation event in Harpurhey Manchester

We were granted a  TESCO community grant at Blackley and Cheetham Hill Tesco.

Salford Community leader at the Black History Month 2021

EEC  promote human right law, equality and diversity by eliminating discrimination towards disability; especially in an educational/training establishment and religious settings. We are the voice of the disabled children and young people and challenge inhuman treatment. we create awareness about UNCRC and local government policies that affect disabled people.

EEC is in partnership with local government agencies and NGOs  EEC  support events that will promote our cause.


Due to the pandemic, we are readjusted our services by supporting families and their children virtually, through Zoom.

We are aware of the global need to reach as many youth and their family as possible, especially those living with disabilities and  those struggling with mental health conditions. However, this can be a challenge for us.  because of families living in poverty and are unable to connect online because of lack of internet access/technology devise. Nevertheless,   we connected  through working with technology organisation who donated some devices for young people to use.

EEC  is aware of that this pandemic period  is very sensitive, uncertain, but with our online support/phone calls, we have been able to reach more youth, offer reassurance,  wellbeing sessions,   assessment, and advice, we have been able to offer information and attend to  several  emergency situation such as abuse and abandonment situation. we also offer training, workshops and mentoring through Konexion. for example,

Chatter Fingers is a social media forum where we encourage parents/Carers and siblings to  partake and enjoy on Makaton Sign language.