Equal Education Chances – EEC is registered charity  in UK (1180869)   We  engage, educate and empower children/ Young people and individuals living with disabilities and their families in Manchester.

We aim to reach and support  children and young people in the marginalised communities to learn and develop skills academically, socially and vocationally; in order to be as independent as possible.


Our Value

EEC believes  that every child  should be supported to dream big and achieve their desires; likewise those who have been “disabled” genetically, socially and educationally.           


Our Objective

Empower   youths and Individuals living with Disabilities. Directly and through family, carers, schools, religious  or vocational settings.


Our Vision

“To see a world where disabled children and young people co-exist with their peers without fear of being judged”  #Inclusion


 Our Project  aims to explore young people’s experiences of  positive identity,  good health and well being, academic attainment, career pathway. aiming to reduce inequalities which places the voices and experiences of traditionally marginalised young people at its core.
We challenges injustice, discrimination and Hate Crime as a result, EEC ensures that children and young people who has experienced or experiencing domestic violence  are  supported and  signposted to the  right agencies.

5 ways women and girls still suffer from inequality worldwide

  1. pay gap
  2. women in leadership
  3. Reproductive rights
  4. Access to education
  5. FGM

EEC strive to promote equality by-

-Elimination of discrimination against women and girls.

-Empowerment of girls and  women.

-Achievement of equality between women and men



Community Support Project

Equal Education Chances responded swiftly  to the effect of COVID-19 by being in contact with families and their children in Greater Manchester. our target group are individual living with  disabilities/SEN, families with immigration restrictions- No Recourse to public funds” families who are living in destitution and those who loss their jobs and need extra help.

EEC community support project aim is to support the marginalised communities to relieve families from hardship, reduce anxiety and depression, tackle isolation and promote wellbeing dignity.

Our support and Services are – weekly  phone contacts, youth virtual sessions, Adults wellbeing sessions, emergency food parcels/essential household items, educational resources and family activities packs.

All our projects are funded by fund providers locally and nationally.

  EEC is a member of Migrant Destitution Funds action group and referral  partner with British Red Cross, with Hardship fund,  this collaboration  enables us to provide monetary support to families in Greater Manchester. 

We reach out to families affected by COVID-19. we are sponsored by Cash for Kids.
we are able to reach 150 children in Greater Manchester. Thanks to Forever Manchester for their generous donation.



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we made a difference at this crucial times of COVID-19 for families in Manchester.

COVID-19 family relief pack
Mary Founder of Equal Education Chances with the Metropolitan Police at an awareness event in Manchester- “Together we say No to Hate Crime” “Attacking people with disabilities is the lowest display of power I can think of”- Morgan Freeman.


EEC  COVID -19  Support team-  Delivered Children Activities Booklets to   Abraham Moss Warriors in Manchester.

  1. EEC  Lagos School Feeding Programme


EEC volunteers are the pillar of our services. They are committed and passionate about our objectives. As a result they offer their time and treasures to see our goals fulfilled. 
We are a charity organisation registered in UK and Nigeria- Our services and resources are FREE.  However,  all our contribution are from the generous public who will love to see our work through pictures and videos,  for this reason, we seek  consent to share our work  on our website and social media.

Important Notice

Following the advice of the Government and Public Health England regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic, our centre is closed until further notice. we are opened remotely for support and advice  ring us on 01612119016.