Welcome To Our Blog!

Welcome To Our Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! This will be a platform where we will share our latest news and events.

At Equal Education Chances, we like families and their children with special educational needs and disabilities to be able to access and enjoy free entertaining engagement sessions with our amazing team of professionals. We also make sure to consider the child’s individual needs and we are a very understanding and caring team.

This is why we have family forum sessions at the Blackley fire station in North Manchester, every Friday for free.

Our forum sessions consist of:

  • Education
  • Well-being
  • Recreation
  • Advocacy
  • Learning new skills
  • Discovering strengths

We stay educated and keep in contact with local authorities to ensure we can maximise the support as much as possible to benefit our young people.

Equal Education Chances offer educational resources such as:

  • Electronic devices
  • Alternative input devices
  • Stationary
  • Mobility items
  • Ramps
  • Clothing
  • Furniture to facilitate learning
  • Training for school teachers and parents
  • Supporting schools to provide suitable and secure learning environments
  • Items such as comfort items, soft play mats etc.

We proudly promote human rights laws, equality, and diversity throughout our sessions and campaigns. We do this by eliminating any discrimination towards disability, religion, race, and more. We are all about positivity and togetherness. Remember: We are role models and we act as the voices of the children we help.

We are always active on our social media platforms which are:

  • Instagram- @eec4disability
  • Twitter- @chances_equal
  • Facebook- Equal Education Chances

Across our social media platforms we actively showcase our latest news and events to help spread the message about our services and how you can get involved too! Be sure to give us a follow and turn on the notifications if you don’t want to miss any announcements from us.

To donate we have a few different ways that you can show your support.

  1. Sponsor A Child (Any Amount) – this would be done monthly
  2. Monthly donation
  3. Single donation

To promote health and well-being, we are asking our donators to gift toiletries to a disabled child/young person in Lagos, Nigeria. You can do this by donating £5 and we will send a pre-packed toiletry bag over to the young person/disabled child in Nigeria.

This small donation can make a huge difference to a child in need!

Your single or monthly donation can be put towards good resources like laptops, mobility aids, learning resources, kitchen utensils, and more.

If you’re interested in helping our disability support initiatives, find out more by visiting our website to see how you can make a difference and support children and young people with disabilities.

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