How will EEC achieve this?

We have a free family forum sessions at the Blackley fire station in Manchester, every Friday.

Family and their children with disability/SEN can assess and have a fun filled engagement with our professional team, while being sensitive to their individual needs.

Our sessions  support to develop individuals talents, skills, strengths and needs through the following sessions

  • Education
  • well being
  • Recreation
  • Advocacy

we liaise with local authority and the statutory agencies to fulfil our mandates for individuals living with disability/SEN.

EEC will provide educational items and equipment’s such as electronic devices, alternative input devices, stationary, ramps, clothing and furniture to facilitate learning.  

EEC will provide disabilities and inclusive training for school teachers/parents, support schools to provide a suitable and secured learning environment; which will enhance the child development.

EEC will provide assessments, medical treatment, offer health and well-being advice, as well as services and equipment’s. Such as, comforts items, soft mats, mobility aids e.g. Wheelchairs.

By raising awareness through workshop and training for parents/carers, religious bodies/ Sunday school teachers and the public regarding human right, disabilities, equality, inclusive, segregation and discrimination.

EEC intend to empower parents to advocate on behalf of their children, and to develop parents’ knowledge and confidence when dealing with their children’s health issues, EEC health team will provide information for parent/carers on specific health conditions. EEC will offer online support, emergency help and advice.


EEC will seek funds from individuals, corporate bodies, Grants, Contracts, trading, crowdfunding, fundraising events to facilitate this mandate.

EEC has established partnership with Igbeyin Adun School for the handicapped in Okokomaiko Lagos, Nigeria.   This partnership will create a more conducive learning environment with compete staff and resources/equipment for the disable children in Nigeria.

Nigeria field trip

EEC visited the partner school in Lagos Nigeria and we have identified basic needs for example water,  educational resources, accessible toilet, furniture and equipment. The school is in need of inclusive curriculum and  methods of learning. EEC intentions is to raise awareness on how to raise fund to provide the children with adequate water, equipment and  medical resources.